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Unfortunately, every one of these questions, or "yes" there are many people across the country and that can be answered. Creditors of the reason is that fraud often, and they use people who work together, there "shark" is called, but the reputation of them for fraud because it is a trade-off ripping.

Before the introduction of a common credit card or bank credit and loan industry, which has existed for many years is not. Over the years, but business is more popular as businesses and have found new ways to exploit and deceive the people need the money, has changed significantly. See Also legitimate short term loans .

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December 12, 2011


December 07, 2011 This is a company that can lend up to $ 8,000 loan perhaps: For lpiratelw: # 1 I Loan, pH of another representative Eric Jones # claiming to 12,022,419,996. They cost $ 100 western union loans for "necessary". However, representatives noted the additional $ 129 once you are required to send all of a sudden $ 100 to retrieve mail from your boss. To do so stuck, $ 100 is out. So this is a scam, please note

December 12, 2011


79swim on: December 12, 2011 claiming the # 1 we are hired to complete the work as a subcontractor of this company for several financial institutions, tightened Tarenakatta not paid. We and tell us whenever'd made to another person, we, ah, you need to do this, Oh, and so now she has a new position, where You must submit it to a new person's contact information. Check out also legitimate secure loans . We are to be paid and yet to have been 60 days, they will not return phone and e-mail. Houston, TX 77 379 - This company does not operate a total service lender LLCStreck

December 12, 2011


Extension Wendy Baker - # 1 Ceridian argues that the lending group. 257: Mary On: December 07, 2011, my personal loan request:. OO $ 15,000 dollars. I was approved. In order to get a loan for me, I for $ 2,500.00 dollars "to pay the mortgage" had to endure. I was. Via Western Union. I had to call them back even MTCN number and fax a copy of this form of Western Union to them. Once they received the money was to be credited to the account-minute funding. Well low and funds Yonai. So I called it back and I was informed that the minor glinch about insurance ... [read the full complaint]

December 08, 2011


Nerverra Co. Service | by David John: I was so caught up in the bill requires the extra cash, I was looking for an online loan LeahP. I found this website to fill in the application process on I said that they contact me about it in 24 hours. Check out also legitimate pay loans . I was approved for me and I in Ontario, John was informed the next morning from David indicating that you need to send $ 500 via Western Union to Canada, Paul Roche, I had scraped the money. Then I had tossed around many times to say you need to call back in 15 minutes. Or 2 ... [read more claims]

November 28, 2011

Brown Eyes

I filed a month on the Internet pay day loan of $ 200. I have no problem before this loan was paid with a separate loan. These companies are the financial costs of your loan, usually charging $ 30 per $ 100 of each paycheck. However, other companies, they give you three options on how to repay your loan. 1 - pay the finance charges, principal and pay down a 3 - - contact the company before you continue to pay the full financial cost 2. What's not to agree to pay the balance to someone better. Check out also itegrity loans ? It was agreed between himself and the company. I have recently ... [read the full complaint]

November 28, 2011


Hollingsworth Co. Solutions of claim 1 | Ribekaaren, Paul Murphy at Timothy's: Rebekah Allen Hollingsworth Solutions representative named last week, December 07, 2011. Called me and told me I was approved for a loan of $ 25,000. For me I do not meet credit requirements to finance through a bank, she has said to me, she contracted her loan me this money I had I signed it and returned approved by the lender said were sent to private. Check out also legitimate no fax payday loans . The contract rate, my monthly payment $ 305 per month and 8. See Also legitimate no credit check loans .5%. Catch is that I had had to pay 3 ... [read the full complaint]

November 22, 2011

Yarmouth Nelson Kiss

Complete the application has been charged $ 2.97 on my Visa card. They supplied me with a username and password, and promised to mail me the application kit. They have these kits is their only line outside told me the mail anymore. You can not get that website claims to complete my application for a grant. This is a scam! - Nelson kiss Yarmouth

November 18, 2011

Sophie May

Financial or financial NY Jennings Jennings C, apply for loans online high risk. Received a call from the company stating that I had been approved. Check out also legitimate 6 month loans . First they will send you the payment of insurance is required it was a border tax. I can not get loans There was no time now I have requested a refund, but they will send it to me only after I say pay them $ 350 fee. See Also legitimate no credit check loans . I have to pay a huge phone bill when you try to handle this situation. Check out also lakota loans . All the money was sent to them by Western Union. You have to get people to think a cell phone bill you, Michael Fraser and his phone number is 876-284-3496 ... [read the full complaint]

November 18, 2011


Application Solutions Co. ranked first mass Kell | Solutions Hollingsworth - Paul Murphy - The Nadine Clark: - Amanda Kell Solutions Mass, going by the name of Hollingsworth solution also have provided personal and business loans You are, you need cash collateral. Involved so far, "person" is the name of, AMY Parker, Matthew, and David Wilson ROBIN SHAW. See Also jackson hewitt loans 2010 . These are some names that we recognize at this time exactly. Check out also like plaingreen loans . You are in Ontario, Canada, NADINE GREG Clarke and Palmer will be instructed to send money via Western Union collateral individually two names we know. See Also iowa installment loans . These individuals will either send the money and that is you ... [read the full complaint]

November 16, 2011


ECOBANKNIGERIAFUNDS, VIVIAN Jones, MR FREDMENT, ERIC WALES lawyer, but after requesting a loan of nearly $ 8,000 $ 5,000 that requires me to get a loan, attorney Eric Chen. Guess what? No loans ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... loan loan no no Western Union check cashed all within minutes. Does not render the service. They made me two times 17 day harassing call to send more money, then they promise, it will ensure that the final payment you will have to make. "There is everything" and I have a nasty email threatening from all of the above 100. They then "F" word, you want to use them a lot of mail. You do not ... [read the full complaint]

November 16, 2011


I had never received a loan from the internet cash advance loan, I obviously fills some information, now they pay me to receive a loan that I have not received there is no call to complete the application, listed his first name only person can not answer the phone 9895454555, and they have the company name instead of Hello is my information was stolen Im afraid. 27th Avenue 20 SW Privacy Service Privacy Service e-mail Monica Monica masking: Subscribers [3088328] | USA (989) 4555-545 cash advance. Suite 201 Pompano Beach USA FL 33069 - stolenidentity

November 16, 2011


I was on 11 November 2011 looking for a loan, I received a call from us to pay every day . See Also legitimate personal loans ... so I never had me in all my credit to $ 500 deposit If you made money on the back indicating that I have approved a loan of $ 1000 ... can I have this happen, these people are doing research on this issue . Check out also large fast loans ... I ... I cannot believe it has happened every day of fraud / scams and how many of these are promising to do so ashamed, and embarrassed. Why not done anything about it because of my concern? Ricky Nelson | New Delhi, - TEKA

November 14, 2011


Julian Marshall, James Scott, Alex Marshall | Company: / mycashnow ALL cash advance loans cash advance all, CMG Group, AlpineDirect, we proceed today, Finance DMA, Archer November 2011 direct from my people by name my name and social security received a call two days and had a civil case # for me, because my job was to cause the termination notice and that I am doing, I want this Alex Marshall out to me that there was no need to ignore the problem. He has all the cash advance loan loan I had, because all mortgage lenders parent, he's never experienced before that I could't exact name. ... [read the full complaint]

November 11, 2011

Vanessa Smith

About whether to October 20, 2011, I applied online for a personal loan. 10/20/11 I received a call via voice mail by Michael Phillips on loan Mapleview Centre. He left his company voice mail informing me that it has secured a personal loan in the amount of $ 9,000.00 for me. I have Phillips' return the phone, he explained that the approved amount of $ 9,000.00 in monthly payments of $ 196.63 total of 48 months loan. He lender, I initial security of $ 983.15 explained that they needed to make payments. he, this is the first six months of the monthly installment ... explained that the Full Report Read

November 10, 2011


Family Financial Corporation (AKA Auto Advantage of Virginia) - President Gary Saga, Amber Mondi collections manager, the company had a loan with my family three financial years. See Also legitimate short term loans . I've never been late or missed payments. I was paying less each month what was actually paid me. I have had financial difficulties in October, could not pay. They no longer have to pay before I was told not to give an extension of two weeks notice only financial companies. I have had to wait until they receive a refund from my school because I make a payment, therefore, knew I was not able to transfer your ... [more claims Read]

2011 November 9


If Slick: My November 9, 2011, by Jamie Ryan applied to obtain a small business loan to help start a shop that sells hats from unsecured business financing - 1 claimed that the unsecured business financing. See Also legitimate unsecured personal loans . I had to take the application free credit score and funding. Check out also legitimate no teletrack payday loans . So I paid to do it as well. Analysts funding, loans, credit Obviously I know that was not enough. Ryan from unsecured business financing, pay the $ 249.00 and so I suggest that the risk assessment carried out anyway. Whether it was a refund, he did not say. Underwriter, I now can not get a loan ... but [read more claims]

November 09, 2011


I asked the Metropolitan Financial Services Ltd. Check out also legitimate 6 month loans . lending in the first memory access in the state of Mississippi. I need a loan that I have a cosigner. He already had an existing loan so that I can use my brother could not. I spoke to my cousin about it, she suggested that I go to the city for the first time, told me she would cosign for me. If you have a girlfriend I did not know the existing loan. My cousin is called, and gave her information. I called back to check for a loan, Christie is not actually claimed that my cousin did not call when she had. Check out also legitimate online loans ! Instead, tell me and she could not co-sign for me, she led me to ... [read the full complaint]

November 06, 2011


I was applying for a loan of several companies and individuals a month ago. Check out also legitimate secure loans . Pinnacle Financial I received an email from one month after it approved a loan for me. I called them to discuss the toll free number for additional information. They have said that I qualify for a mortgage loan. In that case, I'm either to secure a loan, secured loan and I need to get a co-signer gaurantor as a creditor to purchase insurance. Pinnacle Financial is a look on it, e-mailed me an official document of my decision. I took several days to make up my mind. After thinking and research ... [read the full complaint]

November 04, 2011


I signed up July 17, 2011 this company for credit recovery. I, I was told 45 days will receive an answer from the three credit reporting agencies. Check out also itegrity loans . I payed $ 345.00 for this service the company. At the beginning of September, I emailed the company and asking them about the delivery of two processes, they never answered my mail. My husband, September 08, 2011, the BBB telling him he never received them, and the State Attorney General and FTC, they next day he received a phone call from Mr. George Send e-mail to another e-mail stating that I was going to report ... [read more claims]

October 04, 2011

Brenda and sattin signh CLAIR

This fake company, Day Advance Loan, I applied online for a loan, my loan approved $ 1,500. Check out also legitimate no fax payday loans .00, the only thing I had my application fee and go to Western Union $ 107.00 was claimed that people are paying their phone and called later and said they had been paying. But they were assumed to be 1019 # gave me a loan approval, it was a fake. I arrived at Western Union, paid 107.00, after I paid, I offered her a number to receive the cash. Nevertheless, she argues that there is more money to pay the 279.00 I would my loan ... [read the full complaint]

October 04, 2011

Stupid Johnson - Malta Investment Development (MID) - Lasandra private equity investment (Sandy) Smith - Ennis, contact me about opportunities for credit cards in June 2011, she charges $ 500 per $ 10,000 (credit listed on the card's credit limit), I'm not a minimum limit of $ million dollars, it is possible to obtain a credit card with no credit check. The reason, she explained, she basically if you have too much money and had connections with big business needs to be written off some debt. Fetch far as I know, she is very convincing, because the people she claimed that it is not every year. F! This year it was my turn to get 3Ked @ I. .. [Read all claims]

September 23, 2011

Ashley Harper, Emma Whitney or

On September 10, 2011, I was contacted over the phone who goes by the name of Ashley to buy Harper. Check out also lakota loans . She was calling from a company called Taylor and Walton Investments, and they told me was that I approved the loan for $ 10,000. She is due to my bad credit loan to make this high-risk conditions, there was a reason I approve of this deposit, told me to rely on deposits of $ 825.00, and more. Ashley, she said that my loan documents sent to me via email. On 14 September 2011, I received an e-mail the loan documents, fill them and send ... [read the full complaint]

September 22, 2011

William Albert

I, 407 E Fort St MI, when the Detroit, were approved commercial credit and lending U.S. $ 5,000.00. 48 226. Western Union ($ 58.00) to pay $ 686.00 for insurance sent from - 1 to the following terms are as follows. See Also legal personal loans . 2 - monthly payments of $ 228.42 per month, the loan payment is NO third day of my bank account, to start 60 days from August 29, 2011, date of signature. I was called, and they had to get a new lender, and was told they needed $ 400.00 more. Western Union that I ($ 28.00) was sent on. 3 days and then my bank will loan. NO loans, the third day. I called the U.S. ... [read the full complaint]

September 20, 2011


I wanted to get a loan. Pinnacle Financial Trust, contact us by phone, my loan @ 6% was found. See Also iowa installment loans . Andrew Benson spoke with a gentleman. He was approved for my loan, I said to get the loan that you must come up with six months of loan prepayment. He sent a loan agreement in an e-mail, I took them to my attorney, he looked over it, he said that it is legitimate. I signed the papers and fax them back, I went ahead and who receives the information needed to wire the money, did just that. The next day I received a call ... [read more claims]

September 17, 2011


After seeing their commercials on TV, I contacted the National Law solutions for their help in obtaining a loan modification. Very friendly and helpful was the first attempt to get a lump sum of $ 3020 my contract them. This message was left on my answering machine March 31, 2011 - - A few months later I was $ 2020 when I heard or been rejected for the modification of my loan I can expect a refund for my not mentioning it. I have to call a national law solution several times back and also my "Money Back Guarantee" refund questions about Cupertino, California, wrote a letter to them. My email was not returned my calls no one answered. It is read ... [read the full complaint]

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